— Sports
DeVivo Brand Links offers its consultation to the top worldwide names in Football, Ice Hockey and Motorsports.

DeVivo Brand Links helps its clients create and implement market focused strategies to grow the brand’s visibility and strengthen the brand value. These strategies include compatible partnering, commercial growth and strengthening the digital footprint.

Furthermore, DeVivo Brand Links also offers its services to firms looking to form a partnership with top sporting brands in Europe.
— Arts&Culture
Arts & Culture are deeply embedded into the routes of Italian heritage. In holding on to that heritage, DeVivo Brand Links operates in Italy's Arts & Culture industry.

DeVivo Brand Links offers its services to the City of Venice and the City of Verona, two of the biggest cultural hubs in the world.

As clients of DeVivo Brand Links, strategies are developed to further expropriate value from the current events that are held in these cultural cities.
— Luxury
Italy has always been a pioneer in the luxury goods industry with the “Made in Italy” label being one of the most trusted sources for quality in the eyes of luxury consumers.

DeVivo Brand Links follows on this tradition with its involvement through consulting operations within the industry.

Whether it’s market entry or growth in China, strengthening e-commerce around the globe or making use of new technologies within the luxury industry, DeVivo Brand Links will help your firm reach your targeted goal.